Hello August!

You bring with you a new hope I never knew before!
I used to love August because that meant going back to school, and I love school even now. I loved the smell of my new supplies, of newly sharpened pencils. I loved getting new clothes and coming into my classroom to meet my new teacher. I know, I’m a nerd.
But this August is different. It’s my second year as a teacher, which is exciting, and I get to keep doing what I love (this summer has been hard because I actually really missed my kids and working. Insane??). And this August may be the month we actually get pregnant. 🙂 Having a month off was the best thing in the world for me. I think if we would have taken a month off just to “relax” it would not have been the same. I would have been anticpating August that much more, and felt more pressure for it to “happen”. But this was a forced month off…the birth control forced me to relax because I knew nothing could happen.
It doesn’t help that I have only had 6 days without bleeding…but still!!
Anyway, we meet with the doctor Wednesday. I imagine we will discuss:
-Medications, what they are and how/when to take them
-Calendar of events/procedures
-Finanincing options
-Post-op recovery

So we will see!! I am eager for Wednesday to get here. 🙂
In other news, we spent the afternoon with my mom yesterday. I brought Noodles over to play with her new dog (Sophie). Sophie is a bully to my mom’s other dog because she is bigger by 20 pounds. haha But when I brought Noodles over, she flinched and hid and ran away from her. haha It was really funny to watch her be put in her place. I don’t think it will change anything right now, but it will help over time for sure. And Noodles got to run around all afternoon…Lord knows she could use the exercise. 😉
Then I walked the block to get signatures for our paint color. We ended up spending most of the evening standing in our neighbors doorways chatting. It was really cool. We have some awesome neighbors that are very supportive and helpful.
One wished us good luck on our IVF and another gave us 3 success stories of other people they know who went through it. 🙂 That was encouraging.
I still need 2 more signatures and then pictures of a few houses to show examples of colors. Then we will be ready to attack! Is it bad that I am smiling as I write “attack”? 😛

Anyway, today will be busy. I plan to get into my classroom and hopefully finish everything up so I don’t have to worry about it later. I also need to work on some of my continuing education classes but still can’t access them from home.
Gotta work that out.
Then grocery store and a few more things and I am done.
I guess I need to shower!!!


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