blah blah blah

For whatever reason, I can’t get LJ to pull up at all today. Yay.
Anyway, I am feeling really good today and I have no pain! I took my pain meds yesterday to avoid pain, and did just fine. But when I took my second dose, it made me feel terrible…dizzy and like I was going to throw up. 😦 So I had to sleep it off and I missed my overnight dosage. But when I woke up this morning, no pain, so I am going to try not to take those meds. Yuck!
I’d like to work on some of my continuing education hours but I can’t log in to Moodle outside of the CISD network. So maybe next week I will spend some time up at the school working. There are only 19 more days until inservice starts! I can’t believe it!

Had a rep from The Woodlands Township show up today to take pictures of the house. We applied to change the color of our siding. Its kind of lame that you even have to do that…since it is our house and we own it. But rules are rules I guess.
This led to the guy going into the backyard to discover that we have a rock pathway, awning, and deck that were never applied for. I told him it was all there before we moved into the house 2 years ago (at least…the pathway was. lol).
He didn’t sound too worried about it. He took pictures and did all the measurements for me. He is mailing me the application this week and all I really have to do is fill it out and send it back in. The only concern is the edge of the deck. It is super close to our neighbor’s property line (2ft closer than they like) and because of this it might be denied. However, we can file for a varience, since it was “already on the property” and with the way these houses were built so close together, it should be fine.
Still makes me nervous. I didn’t think applying to change the color of the house would be that big of a deal…or lead to issues with the deck.
*sigh* That’s the way it goes, I guess.
Even worse, we planned to work on the deck this weekend! haha

Anyway I guess I am just supposed to rest and take it easy today. I am full of enegry right now, though!! lol Time to read my book or something!!!


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