Surgery Tomorrow

I’m prepping for surgery today. So I am getting the house cleaned up, purchasing post-surgery snacks/drinks, and trying to get all my questions for the doctor in order.
The surgery center has yet to call me about when my surgery has been scheduled, and every time I call them, I get a recorded message stating it is after business hours…which it is not.

I did find out that my doctor does not work with SpringStone Financing…so if worst comes to worst and we run out of money/cycles, we will have to change doctors.
He reassured me yesterday in an e-mail that everything was fine and that he would take care of it all 🙂 That made me feel better. And he doesn’t mind putting up with all my crazy e-mails/questions. lol
I know I am still nervous though. I barely slept at all last night. But I guess it is what it is. I will be ok.

Tomorrow I just plan to rest and watch movies all day. Maybe read my book. Barry and my mom will be here, and I am sure by Thursday I will be up and moving around fine.
I probably won’t be blogging until I am moving around, so wish me luck and I will let everyone know what the doc says as soon as I am feeling up to it. 🙂


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