July 24, 2011

My beautiful nieces got a call back yesterday, went in early this morning and got recruited! This is so super exciting ad a wonderful opportunity for the both of them. Emmy is eager to do what it takes, but I think Sam will need an attitude and clothing check every once in a while. Which isn’t a bad thing…this is a huge change for her!
He agent wants Sam in brighter clothing…and when she starts acting and modeling, she will be wearing a lot more makeup than what I put her in. 😛 So a positive attitude will go a long away in this, as well as a willingness to try new things…like a…dundundun…dress!!!
Anyway, they dropped by the house as soon as they could to thank me for all my help and personally let me know first that they got recruited. 🙂 I am so proud!

While all of that was a welcome distraction, the devil continues to eat at me.
I keep coming up with a million questions, too. I feel terrible for constantly e-maling Dr. H, but if I am paying him 15k, he can answer a few.
I know that we will know more once I have the surgery, but I can’t help wondering…
-Will the D&C he is preforming count as AF, or should I continue with b/c until I get my scheduled AF??
-Will the polyps return?
-Is there anything else in there causing an issue?!?
-Was the polyp the only thing causing my mid-cycle spotting, or is there reason to believe it was something else?
-Will this permanately end my mid-cycle spotting?
-When can we start IVF??
-Is it typical to need more than one IVF…or do my age and health factor into that?
(all the statistic lump me in the <35 category…which to me would not be very helpful or accurate but maybe it is. I just feel like since I am only 26 and health I shouldn't be looking at statistics that also cover 35 year olds.)

Then there are questions about my loans. The financing is offered through the cooperating doctor's office.
So I want to know what he can offer me with Care Credit and with SpringStone Financing.
I also read a lot about the Attain IVF Program last night. Basically, it is a program with specific participating doctors who offer IVF as 2 different plans.
One is a refund plan, that gives 4 cycles of IVF and refunds 70% on your money if you do not get pg.
The other is a discount plan that gives you 6 cycles of IVF for 40% less than traditional IVF.
Neither of these cover ICSI, which we will need and the website said would typically cost between 10k-15k.

My doctor is not charging extra for the ICSI service, but does not participate in Attain. I guess it is a trade off.
I was half crazed last night and considering switching doctors just to get the discounted IVF and be assured more than 3 cycles. But…I like my doctor too much and the ICSI is not included. So it is what it is.

I am also freaking about the whole ICSI process, because it comes with a slightly higher birth defect rate than normal pregnancy. No much higher (like 1-3% higher)…but still.
And this is the summation of all my fears:
That my body will not be healthy enough to maintain a pregnancy or we will have a baby with some kind of birth defect and I will have another miscarriage.

That darn devil knows exactly what to whisper in my dreams. 😦

Connie is having a get together at her place this afternoon, so I think that will be a good thing for me. I feel yucky still today. Yesterday the pool didn't help that much because I never got to get in it! I was whisked away to help put together a second outfit for Sam and Emily.
But I did shower today!!
And I got to research some infertilty info for a friend. I think she needs to change up her doctor to get some results. 2 years of TTC and still not even a period? Let's get the ball rolling!! She hasn't even had the basic tests, just bloodwork and a ton of Clomid. So we will see. Praying for her!! 🙂
Well, I am clean and going to take a power nap. Hoping for sweeter and less worry-filled dreams. 🙂


2 Replies to “July 24, 2011”

    1. I’m not entirely sure, lol I know Emmy had a bubble gum commercial reading she did, and Sam said she read for Noxzema. I think they just read the lines, but I’m not 100%. Maybe they had them memorized.
      But it’s still super exciting!! 🙂

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