Well, I had my SIS today. It wasn’t that bad…better than the HSG as far as pain and uncomfortableness are concerned. But, as the day goes on, I have had more cramping. Could be due to the fact that I took a bunch of advil in fear of the HSG and took nothing before or after the SIS. That was smart…
Anyway, he is 100% sure I have a 7mm (so very tiny) polyp right smack in the middle of my uterus. The worst spot possible basically. He said that if it were anywhere else, he would leave it, but its right where the embryo would implant. So it’s gotta go.
I have a surgical hysteroscopy scheduled in Houston on Tuesday. The procedure I didn’t want to have and was afraid of….lol but I was surprisingly ok with all of it. Its OP and Dr. H really made me feel comfortable. I think going through the HSG first and then the SIS, prepared me for this. Dr. H thinks we have excellent chances. 🙂 he said with my health and age alone that we have a 55% chance of success. He will know more when he sees the quality of my eggs and how they fertilize.
Bonus, I said between the HSG and hysteroscopy I will be as clean as a whistle! Lol a lot of his patients get pg after those procedures.

Anyway, this led to discussion of the paperwork we have to sign and the procedure itself. He answered all of my questions and was very though. He is going to try his best to not cause a lot of bleeding or do a lot in there. If the “damage”, so to speak, is minimal we *might* still be able to do IVF in August. If not, we will start in September. August is better because its sooner. Lol but September might actually be better despite my wants. 1- Insurance will kick in September 1, so we will be covered and won’t have to worry about an official pregnancy announcement and making sure it matches with the date. 2- I won’t be on bed rest and recovering from the IVF procedure the first week of school. 3- We will have one extra month to save money (BTW, I’m starting an Ashley Needs IVF Money Fund…)Lol We also discovered in this discussion that IVF is 100% covered by my insurance because its done in office. So that was exciting. However, we found out injectible medications are not covered and range from $3,500-5,000. Basically we will be paying exactly what we thought…(originally thought $2,000 deductable and then 10% of the $15,000 procedure). And of course we still have to cover the SA and sperm washing as well as the anesthesiologist. But I did get excited for a sec. We also have to think about doing FET. Once we transfer the embryos, we will likely have left over ones. We can freeze them for an extra $1,000. The benefit to this is that if the 1st cycle fails, we won’t have to go through the same stuff (injectibles and surgery). But if its successful, then we wasted $1,000. 😦 decisions decisions…

Got some lab bills in the mail. And I have to call to get the price for my procedure on Tuesday. Bills are piling up :-(And I have to get the paperwork that signs my life away for IVF signed by a notary. And a bajillion other things. Yet despite it all, I’m not upset or even stressed. I feel at peace and calm. 🙂 What’s 2 more months of waiting compared to what we have already been through?? 🙂 Anyway, I will know more Tuesday and of course keep everyone updated. 🙂 thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!

So now there is a debate happening about our IVF coverage. I e-mailed the person at Barry’s office who deals with the insurance company to ask about some bills we got in the mail. She didn’t answer my question, but instead proceeded to tell me that she had no idea who I spoke with and that IVF is NOT covered at all in any plan ever. Nice. I immediately called the insurance claims consultant at Dr. H’s office who said, “This is my job and that would be a huge thing to mess up on…I will triple check it tomorrow first thing, but I don’t think that girl knows what she is talking about.”
She is right…this woman doesn’t work for my insurance company, but she is the “go-between”…so I am inclined to believe her. I just want this to get settled and quickly. It feels like we get 10 steps ahead and get knocked back 20. We are so close… 😦
I have spoken to so many different people at our insurance company over the last 2 months, and every one of them said we have IVF coverage. Then Dr. H’s office checked twice today. So how is it suddenly different? Oh, Lord, I hope it is not different and that it is covered. Trying to imagine paying for all of this is already so overwhelming. I know we will get through it…but not if IVF is out of pocket.
I’m still calm, but I am ready for tomorrow morning to get here so I will know something! More prayers please!!!


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