July 14, 2011

Juct got back from the hematologist and all is well. He said I checked out great on paper and that he doesn’t see a reason why we couldn’t have a healthy pregnancy.
He did say that if u/s catches something early on that may indicate a blood clotting issue, he will treat it as such even though I don’t seem to have that issue.
He also wants me to get my Protein S monitored throughout my pregnancy to make sure the level doesn’t drop. This is possible in a normal pregnancy, so there is no way to tell if it will happen to me or not.
So I guess that is all good!

Before that I went to The Woodlands HS to make sure my insurance benefits were all set up. Last year I got disability just in case I got pg, but they led me to believe all I could get was a payment of $700 a month. So while that is significantly less than what I make, I argreed. Well, this time around, they set me up with the highest: $2,400. It doesn’t take out much more from my paycheck and if we do get pg, then we will need that money anyhow. So it’s perfect. The only issue is that they think there is a limit. Like, you can’t go from $700 to $2,400. You can only increase it by $300 each year. But, the system should have kicked me out for trying and it didn’t. So the insurance specialist thinks it is ok, but gave me his info so I could follow up. It doesn’t go into effect until September 1. If we officially confirm a pregnancy before that date, we will get the $700. If not, and the policy remains acceptable, we will get the $2,400. I think we can work that out. 😉
That was my very grown up day!! Now we are going to relax on the couch and spend some time together. I feel like I haven’t seen Barry all week!! So glad he is home!! 🙂


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