Terminix showed up right on time. He did a really good look over the house and found a few places he thinks they could still be getting in that need attention. It’s all the wood framing that needed to be replaced when we bought the houe but we never replaced it. 😦 I guess that is the way it goes.
So we need to address those issues. He also can still put his hand in the wall a bit where we repaired it from this last problem.
He thinks this is a whole new issue.
Next, he pointed out that our AC is dripping outside of the house, that the main line going into the house has been nearly stripped of insulation (possible entry point, also) and that our pan in the attic is collecting super cold water (biggest reason he believes they are here).
The technician charged me my quarterly fee and suggested we get someone out to look at the AC. We also need to buy the wood and put repair the siding.
I could have started crying right there.
I just feel suddenly overwhelmed by all the money we are having to spend with these fertility treatments…and then to have this happen.

We also got our electricity bill and it is way up. Possibly related to the AC issue?? …if that is even an issue?
Can I just say that I hate money…and that while we are very lucky, this is super stressful.
I spoke to the hospital this afternoon and they said since I haven’t reached our deductable (or contributed to it at all), we will pay for the HSG out of pocket. Add that $400 to whatever else in the hell is going to cost us money this month. 😦 The plus side?? At least that money will go towards our deductable and we have less to pay up front next month.
Time to breakout the macaroni and say goodbye to our entertainment fund for a while. 😦

It doesn’t help that Barry is out of town and I am nearly out of minutes for land line calls.

In other news. I didn’t shower or get off the couch today at all. But tomorrow will be busy since the AC is coming and I have my procedure.
I have been watching TLC all day and I suddenly discovered The Little Couple. This is not an accident! She is going through an egg retrieval on the show tonight, so I am super excited to see it! Because of their situation, she cannto carry a baby. They live in Houston, but have been flying to LA for a specialist. They have already had a few failed cycles due to lack of response and this most recent cycle she ovulated before they could get the eggs. Wow.
I’m a nerd for being excited to see this. But I think it is important and they are putting a face on IVF.

Ok, I am going to go veg because it is all I have energy for right now. I don’t want stress to get the best of me, so ice cream and macaroni and not thinking. That is what is about to happen.


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