Complicated Day…

My plan today was to work on some of my continuing education hours and just relax after my little trip. So I got up this morning and worked in the yard (Barry is so sweet, he always does the yard but he hasn’t been weeding or trimming anything. Weeds were everywhere in the flower beds!!) so I weeded and trimmed and took the trash out.
Then I balanced the check book and got everything ready for the next pay period. *sigh* sad little bank account. Thanks infertility!!! 😛

So then I sit down to work and their website is down. 😦 Even better? It was hacked and all our personal information has been compromised. Awesome.

Which left me in my pj’s with my new cosmo. I read mostly through that until I found out that Jesse’s mom had passed. I’m so sad for them right now but I know she was in pain, so I’m glad she doesn’t have to be anymore. After 7 rounds of chemo, Luekemia finally took her. 😦
They will not be having a funeral, but a party instead. It’s this weekend and even though Tiffany and Brad are coming into town, I think we will try to go at least for a bit. My heart is breaking for them. Just pray for healing and peace for her family…they will be going through a lot of life changes.

I just got a call from my doctor. My HSG is tomorrow at 1pm. Sarah is going to take me so I don’t have to drive, so that is good. I’m greatful. 🙂 I’m also scared of the pain, but I know I can do it. And knowing the results will be worth it.
All About HSG
I will let you all know how it goes. Hoping this day turns around. It’s a bit sad.


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