Hope springs eternal

Yesterday was my IVF consult and it took for-ev-er!! lol
I was there for 3 hours. But it was worth it. I got to meet Dr. H finally. He is very nice. 🙂 At the same time, Barry was at the urologist getting poked and prodded for the first time since we have started this process.
They did a physical exam on him, some blood work and then just discussed his last SA. The doc said his numbers looked good and that even with the morphology issue, we still had hope of getting pregnant. But since we are doing IVF, he didn’t see the need to run too many other tests. He was very positive we would achieve pregnancy. He does want Barry back in a month to do chromosomal testing to make sure everything is good there.
At my appointment on the other hand, Dr. H felt as if the morphology was a huge issue and that IVF was the only way we would get pregnant. Barry’s morphology for his first SA was at .5%….which is not good. The lowest is obviously 0%. He said he has had couples who were at 0% and only 1 has gotten pregnant. That was a bit scary, but he didn’t seem put off by the .5%…he was positive and hopeful. And we were looking at his first SA from May before all his vitamins and supplements. So hopefully the numbers continue to improve.
Anyway, Dr. H wants to do ICSI, where they hand-select and force-fertilize the egg. I’ve been seeing it every where when I am in IVF forums and doing research online. I kind of expected it, actually. Then he said we would likely do a 3 day transfer instead of a 5 day. I’m not sure what the difference is or what gives us a better chance. He said he was trained to do 3 day and that it has better results. …So I guess we do what the professional says! I’m still curious though.
He feels our chances are excellent and doesn’t see a reason why we won’t get pregnant. He also feels like I am young and fertile, so he was very optimistic. He said because of my age and other health factors, he would only want to transfer between 1-2 embryos. I want to go for 2. The rest we will freeze until we achieve live birth. Then we have to decide what to do with them. Obviously, they will be there if this cycle doesn’t work or if we want to try again later. But if we get 2 and decide we are done, then our choices are: termination or donation. Both of those scare me because I feel like those frozen embryos are each a life. Something we created outside of ourselves. It’s both of us. To terminate them feels wrong. But to donate feels strange. On one hand, we would be helping another couple that is in our situation right now…and I know how hard that is. On the other hand, our child would be walking around somewhere with someone else.
This is definitely an issue Barry and I need to discuss further.

Anyway, so after my consult and a discussion of the IVF process, I had IVF panel bloodwork run and an u/s. He said my ovaries looked good and my lining was nice and thick for CD4…it’s what you would “expect” to see after a period. Okie dokie. So now we start a cycle of b/c and then we will do IVF in August. So 28 days!!! Then we get to start 🙂 The b/c is used to surpress your ovaries so that they can stimulate them even more when we start the medication for IVF.
The great thing is that we have a month off to relax. Plus if this cycle doesn’t work, they will have so much more information about our situation that maybe we will get further and have better success later.

Next week is a visit to the hematologist to get my results (haven’t heard a peep from them, so that is a good thing) and then an HSG for me, while Barry gets his IVF panel bloodwork. Turns out he doesn’t think I need a hysteroscopy right now, which is a relief. HSG is a good compromise, although I am still fearful of the pain associated with it. It will be similiar to my IUI as long as I have no issues. If I have a blockage of some sort, this could be very painful. So I am expecting some pain and some blood. More bleeding. 😦 But it’s worth it.

In other news, I pretty much spent my whole day either sitting in the doctor’s office or driving. lol As soon as I left Houston, I drove straight to Ft Worth. 🙂 I was so tired and didn’t feel much like driving anywhere, but now that I am here I am glad I came. 🙂 Tiffany’s house is so cute and I really do enjoy spending time with her. I wish she lived closer. Right now we are being lazy but Tiffany jumped in the shower, which means I have to get clean now. lol
I think we will have breakfast and just explore.
What else, what else??? I’m relieved to have a month off. I hope this will help bring Barry and I closer together and make up for all these stressful months of TTC.
I guess that is it for now. Going to go enjoy my weekend, miss my hubby and just relax! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!! 🙂


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