July 7, 2011

Well, it looks as if all the meds that are associated with IVF will be covered. I have a copy of the legal language that states what is covered and it is very confusing. I think that when I meet with Dr. Cook tomorrow we will have to go over all of it to make sure I meet the requirements or make it look like I do 😉 haha I did read a bit of it, what I could understand, and it says that if you are under 40 you have to have been TTC for at least 6 months. That’s it!!! Stupid doctors saying a year. 😛 It also looks like IUI’s are actually covered…so I may ask about that when I get in there. If I remember correctly, everyone we dealt with for the IUI said something that made it sound like they didn’t even work with insurance copmanies. Like we were doing some seceret thing. lol
Anyway, so I *think* we are good to go but I will definitely be checking all of that before we move forward.
Meeting with my friend yesterday was the best thing I could have done! I feel so much better about the whole procedure and I feel armed with the information I need to ask the right questions and be informed.
She made copies of everything for me…a step-by-step chart, lists of medications and examples of what the calendar would look like.
ER= egg retrieval
ET= egg transfer

There are 2 calendars, one for what is called a 3 day transfer and one for a 5 day transfer. Basically, it just means that they preform the ER and then either 3 or 5 days after the ER they do the ET.

Anyway, there is still the chance that all of this won’t work, but the good news is that in doing this we will have so many more answers. They will know the quality of my eggs and so much more that is unknown unless we go through IVF. So even if it fails, we will hopefully have some more answers.

A girl on one of my FB forums just found out she is pregnant from her last ET. So it was nice to get some good news in the IVF world. Been hearing a lot of BFN in my forums this month. Discouraging but we always have next month 😉

Well today I plan to work on some continuing education stuff for work and try to clean the house before I leave for the weekend. I kind of don’t want to leave Barry, I feel bad, but I really want to visit Tiffany and see the new place.
So I need to make sure the house is clean and that he has food to eat before I leave.
Wow, it’s already 11!!!! I better get to work! 🙂


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