July 6, 2011

Doc called this morning to confirm the BFN. With AF finally showing up yesterday, it wasn’t a difficult leap to make. They did say everthing looked good though. So now its time to set up my consult and my hysteroscopy. Joy.
I just found this awesome new website: The Greene Guide
It has some excellent pointers for fertility and fertility treatments as well as suggestions for healthy living and creating optimal health for pregnancy.

It’s encouraging and has already added some good questions to my list for when I meet with the doctor later this week.

In other news, the rats have suddenly made their presence known in our house again. I don’t know if they were there the whole time and I am just now noticing, or if they have found yet another way in.
Barry plans to do a good sweep of the attic when he comes home from work and I have Terminix coming out to take a look on Monday. I heard some bumps in the wall/ceiling and some scratching. They are definitely there and it’s nasty. This is my house and I want them out!! 😦

I’m meeting with my friend Julie later this afternoon. I am excited to spend some girly time with her and I’d like to pick her brain about the IVF process. We were supposed to go to Painting with a Twist tomorrow, but funds are short with all this fertility stuff, so we are going low budget. lol I’m so thankful that we have the means to do all of this but it is super scary for things to be tight.
I think tomorrow I will sit down and focus on some of my work training that needs to get done. I’m going to run out of time if I don’t take care of it soon.
Guess that is all for me right now!


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