Today is the beer and cheese festival at Hubbell and Huddson. I was on the fence about whether I was going to participate in the festivities or not until I tested this morning.
My thought was that if I was 5 two days ago, my number would have doubled to at least 10 so I would be able to see a BFP on a 10+ pregnancy test. So I tested and got BFN. 😦 That was disappointing. I was hoping…and I still am. Despite it all, I am still hopeful and I am still slightly excited about the unknowns. This month has been a much better month. And on the positive, I know what to expect next month.
So I’m 13dpiui today and AF is supposed to show either today or tomorrow. I’m thinking my beta found the last little bit of trigger shot in my system. 😦 Which is also sad.
Change in plans: I will probably participate in the festivities and have a darn beer!!! lol
What I hope happens is AF shows up. So I can move on. If not then it still leaves questions. Plus, there is a possibility that I will have another m/c at this point. If the 5 did indicate a true pregnancy and then I’m late, I could suffer a chemical pregnancy. I’m terrified of that. Again with the unknowns.
Yesterday I was so tired it was crazy. I slept for a chunk of the day and then I had weird cramping. It was deep but not like AF cramps. So strange. Still made me think AF was coming soon…and now nothing. No real cramps or anything like I’ve had. Just nothing. I guess the world isn’t black and white.
Lord, please make it clear to me!!

In other news. I found this and applied! Not sure if we meet all the qualifications or not but I thought it was worth a try.

Casting Alternative Conception Couples for a Baby Show-
Information: High Noon Entertainment is currently seeking women to be featured in a real, honest documentary series about the journey to motherhood through alternative fertilization methods.

If you’re optimistic, excited about the journey, and are open about the search for your perfect sperm or eggs, then we would love to hear from you. Women and men alike will be enlightened and encouraged by your honesty about the process. If you are:
– a couple that is looking for a sperm or egg donor for IVF or IUI
– a single woman looking to conceive with someone that you have a platonic relationship with
– a single woman that is looking into co-parenting with a man in your geographical area (Haven’t heard of co-parenting? Maybe that’s the solution for you!)
– a single woman who’s biological clock is ticking and wants to take action on conceiving NOW
– we want to hear your story, your way.
We are casting women (and your partner if you are married) who are at least 18 years of age. Whether you’re single, married or in a relationship, if you love to laugh, say what’s on your mind and are about to be on the road to becoming a mommy, we are looking for you.

Email your name, contact information, photos and a couple of paragraphs about yourself to Chad – Ratpack7772@gmail.com
Couples can make up to $16,000 for appearing on the show
Single Women can make up to $8,000 for appearing on the show

I also got my OvaCue today. 🙂 That was exciting. I can’t use it until AF shows up. It had this very intimdating-looking vaginal wand to go with it. lol Serious stuff!
We also sold our old microwave today as well. The lady who bought it just called me back and said that when she plugged it in to check it at home it was acting weird. Of course. 😦 She thinks it might be because it isn’t mounted but doesn’t have time to deal with it right now. So hopefully when she mounts it correctly it will work and we can keep the cash!
Well, I guess I should go shower and get cleaned up for our little festival! I will let everyone know what happens.

EDIT: Casting show picked another couple! 😛 Poo on them!


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