This all just feels like a dream. Last night I fell asleep repeating: “Please, Lord, help my body do what it is supposed to do, grow this baby, knit it together perfectly.”
I feel like I am pregnant. I feel like I finally have a real shot and it’s so scary to see it hang in the balance like this.
I spoke to my doctor’s nurse today, she is so amazing and sweet. Anyway, she said she just wasn’t sure still. It’s highly unlikely that the level of hCG that she found is from the trigger shot, so that made me feel a bit better. Also, my number corrdinates with a super early 3rd week of pregnancy number. From my LMP, I would technically be in week 4, but if I ovulated late then its still possible to be in week 3.
My medhelp.com forum isn’t being very helpful. I feel like every time I post something, no one responds. That’s a place I should be able to ask questions, and yet no one is answering them. If I proclaimed that BFP everyone would be all over me asking symptom questions and giving congrats. But I’m a BF”maybe”.
My friend Erin adviced: “I have alwaysbeen told 5 or less is negative as per my RE and OBGYN. Time will tell! Keep me posted over the weekend!!!!” 😦 Poop!!
*sigh* I so want this to work.

My nurse just apologized a whole bunch and asked me to hold on a little longer. If AF doesn’t show and I make it to Tuesday, I’m wondering what kind of numbers we should expect to see.
Does the hCG level double every 48 hours from the original number or from the new number taken each test? (a friend says if it doubles correctly, it should be at about 20 by Monday)…so I guess that answers my question.

So now I just have to make it through the weekend. I have already started the obsessive bathroom visits to check everytime I feel something. And I won’t be able to drink beer at the beer and cheese festival! 😦 But it’s for a good cause.
That, and I probably won’t be able to eat some of the cheeses either.

Here’s a list of common cheeses that are safe to eat while pregnant:
-cream cheese
-cottage cheese
-sour cream
-any cheese that says “processed”
-any cheese that says “pasteurized”

It’s like I said before, it’s not just getting pregnant that will be the challenge, it’s staying pregnant and getting past certain milestones. This challenges that directly.


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