I made a mistake…

I’m actually on CD26 and I’m 11dpiui today. Which *could* be a good mistake and change things a bit. AF came last month on CD27 which was super early and weird for me (average # of CD is 31). Could have been because I was taking Vitex last month and I stopped for this month.
Anyway, this morning I had some light pink streaks in my cm that someone might only notice if they were me and cramping like AF was going to show up any second. But nothing. I’m not sure if I should go in for my betaHCG or not. It’s a long drive in morning traffic plus it’s final. I don’t know if this is AF about to show, or if the game just changed because I thought I was a day earlier than I am. Again, so many unknowns. I don’t like it. And isn’t is sick that each little unknown just throws me back into a circle of hope for achieving pregnancy?
Well, since I am up and showered, I am going to have some breakfast and wait for the office to open. I don’t need an appointment to have bloodwork. I will keep everyone updated.


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