Call for prayer please!

I’m totally freaking out right now. I just now got the call from my doctor’s office (I decided to go get my beta anyhow…) and she said my bloodwork shows a level 5 hCG and that 6 would indicate a pregnancy. So she wants me to come back in and check those levels. If it stays the same or drops, then I’m no pg and if it doubles as it should then I am.
Of course, if AF shows on this weekend like scheduled then we will know for sure.

I would have been ok with a yes or a no but not a maybe. This is painful. Just pray that the numbers double as they are supposed to and that this is a viable pregnancy. A viable shot at finally putting an end to all this frustration and disappointment.
Thank you everyone for your support and prayers thus far. I really hope this one sticks!!!

Weeks from LMP (Last Missed Period
Amount of hCG in mIU/ml or IU/l

3 weeks
0 to 5

4 weeks
5 to 426

5 weeks
18 to 7,340

6 weeks
1,080 to 56,500

7 to 8 weeks
7,650 to 229,000

9 to 12 weeks
25,700 to 288,000

13 to 16 weeks
3,300 to 253,000

17 to 24 weeks (second trimester)
4,060 to 165,400

25 weeks to term (third trimester)
3,640 to 117,000

After several days postpartum
nonpregnant levels (<5)


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