I went ahead and tested today. I know…3 days too early. But I just felt like I needed to. It was a great release of stress. As 14dpiui gets closer and closer, it’s all I think about. Anyway, my lack of real symptoms pretty well told me what I needed to know but the BFN this morning was just confirmation. I should still test again in 3 days but I think it’s pretty clear this cycle didn’t work. So now I’m planning for the next cycle. I’m not sure what the next step is because I know they will want to do some more testing. Lucky me. lol I;m actually scared to death of this next part but greatful that I have the summer to actually do it. And once its done I can put it behind me and never have to do it again (this kind of thinking helped me survive the hematologist. lol)

Well today I have the ATT guy coming out *again* to fix the cable line and the best buy people are coming to install our new microwave. It was the last appliance so now we can focus on this IUI stuff that is sucking us dry and maybe finishing the kitchen. So I guess I should shower and get cleaned up!


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