10dpiui- nothing yet!

No real symptoms…same as they were before and all can be explained away by something else. PMS, tummy didn’t agree with that food…whatever. So I’m still not holding my breath. Only 4 more days and we should know something. If I can make it this far, 4 more days is nothing. I was on the phone nearly all morning yesterday scheduling appointments and following up on some stuff and then I had to get on again today because Taco Bell double charged me. lol sad, huh? *sigh* And the people you have to talk to to accomplish anything are just…well, special sometimes. But it’s all taken care of so that is all that matters.
On the upside, this morning I have already gotten out in the yard. So far we have lost 2 rose bushes and I’m fighting to keep the others. If we can make it past this heat wave they will be fine and established for next year. The awesome thing is that my olive tree and my climbing rose are super happy. So I guess I can be happy about that. We need to put in the extension of the watering system then I wouldn’t have to fight for the roses so hard.
Got some sad news today. My friend’s mom’s luekemia is back. 😦 Her numbers were at 33 yesterday which is better than it was the first time. She is going to start experimental chemo and go from there. I really hurt for them…with my friend having another brain tumor to worry about, defeating cancer was a huge deal. Just really stinks.

Well, I guess that is it for now! Going to clean around the house today and relax. So glad to be done with the garage!!

This is the huge trash pile that we left on the driveway. The picture does no justice to how huge it is…pretty much fills the entire driveway which holds 2 cars. lol I bet the neighbors are happy 🙂

This is the now CLEAN side of the garage where a car can actually fit!!!
The left side of the garage still has boxes but they are organized boxes and you can still walk around over there. I’d say: success!! 🙂


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