OvaCue Fertility Monitor

I never win stuff…like ever!! Well, I entered a contest for an OvaCue Fertility Monitor on a FB page I liked a while back and I won!!! I’m super excited because it is a $250 contraption that pinpoints your date of ovulation better than the Answer Ovulation tests I have been using.

I hope that I don’t actually have to use it, but its still neat and I will have it if I need it for my next cycle! 🙂 Yeah…still thinking about *next* cycle.

In other news, fireworks have been cancelled everywhere in our area…no controlled shows or otherwise. So that stinks. What a weird 4th this one will be with no fireworks.
I’m not sure what our family is doing either, but probably something simple and involving BBQ. And hopefully I will get to spend some time with Tiffany, so it will still be fun.

We finished cleaning out Patsy’s garage…that was special. lol Just so much stuff. I should have taken a picture. The trash filled one whole side of her driveway and was taller than me. BUT we got it all finished today and now she can park her car in the garage (something she hasn’t been able to do since moving into the house 5 years ago). So it was good and we got a lot done…sweating our butts off side-by-side. Plus Mom helped, so that was awesome. I don’t think I could have done it without her…there were a few times I felt crampy or dizzy. And no one would let me lift anything heavy for fear I was pregnant. Which just made me stress more about benig out in the heat. But we stayed well hydrated and took lots of AC breaks. Task complete!!
Also, apparently I don’t stink after all of that??

So I found a never-before-opened game of Scrabble in the evil garage. I think I will make Barry play with me tonight since Words With Friends has actually turned me on to this game. 😉
I guess that is it for now. No new symptoms and soooo tired from a long day’s work!!


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