Barry completely forgot about his appointment with the urologist yesterday. Just didn’t show up! After I reminded him twice and wrote it down for him and everything. 😦 I was very upset mainly because I want to make sure everything is alright with him. I’ve had ALL the tests run, all the poking and prodding and bloodwork, so I think it’s time that we look in his direction. He was equally upset that he forgot, but it’s just so typical. My dear husband would forget his head if it weren’t attached…literally. Although he waited for 3 weeks for this appointment, he was able to reschedule for July 8. It’s not that bad, but if we are pregnant from this cycle then it won’t matter. (I think even if we are, I would want him to still get checked out…)
Speaking of which, I’m 6 days into the 2ww today, which is exciting and not at the same time 🙂 Been trying to keep myself busy, and been successful so far. Had a really crazy few days helping out over at Barry’s parent’s house…cleaning out the garage. So I am feeling a lot less sorry for myself and more like I have a reason to get up and get moving.
Tonight I think I will actually get to cook dinner, which I haven’t done in a week, and clean the house. So yay for that!
dull lower back pain that comes and goes
possible slight constipation?
random cramps where ovaries would be

I’m good at making up symptoms. 🙂 But this is what it is so far. Spotting has gone away and I am leaning less and less on the forum. Just been keeping myself busy. Now to stay positive about this whole thing!! I have to remember that every pregnancy is different and that while these symptoms could be completely made up, they could also be PMS or any number of things. Positive vibes!!
Off for some cleaning and then maybe my own house? Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


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