Visit with the hematologist went great. It lasted for 3.5 hours…but it went great. Doc and staff were all so amazing and helpful and kind. Very personal care. But they were an Oncology center, so they probably need to be. The doc says I have a clean bill of health visually. (…and that the yellow hue to my skin is just me! I had always wondered about that. lol) My family history is good, my blood vessels looked good, my glands, heart, skin and lungs looked good. Now it’s just a matter of bloodwork. He is going to run every test possible to see what he can find. He doesn’t think my MTHFR will really have any effect on my life. In fact, he’s not 100% convinced it was what caused my m/c in the first place. He said it could be 1: MTHFR or some kind of blood clotting disorder. It difficult to tell right now because I had only one u/s when I was pregnant the first time…baby could have been developing fine and then a clotting disorder stopped blood flow to the fetus stopping growth and eventually killing it. So our baby may not have been an anencephaly baby (for more on anencephaly go to http://babyfaithhope.blogspot.com/)
2: Bad sperm morphology can actually cause m/c. I did not know that. (more info can be found at: AND )
3: Random fluke
So if it’s 1, we will have all our bases covered by having the bloodwork run. If he doesn’t see anything, yet still believes there is an issue, he will treat it even if there is no bloodwork to support it. He has had success with this in the past (including with his own wife, who was in nearly the same situation we are in right now and has a healthy baby girl) mainly due to the fact that hematology is still in its infancy. We just don’t know everything. Yay for the unknown.
It’s its 2…well that got me really thinking. Barry has an appointment with a Uriologist tomorrow, so hopefully we can get some answers. That is my big concern, really. I am terrified of having another m/c. The thought is so crippling even now. It doesn’t seem to be that I have an issue getting pregnant, but keep it is another thing. If the sperm that help make it up has some kind of defect, well then that could be problematic. It’s actually a bit upsetting and just puts one more thing in my mind to worry about. I spent some time looking it up a few minutes ago and there seems to be a lot of supporting articles that say this can be a m/c factor.
This led to an entirely different thought train…stress and thinking about things too much. I’ve always been one to ask questions and think out loud. And I guess my doing this is making people think I am stressed. But the fact of the matter is that this is a stressful situation no matter what we do. We are trying to trust our doctors (I am having the most difficult time with this since I have been misled in the past and there are so many unknowns when it comes to fertility/infertility) and trust that God has it all under control. It’s hard, especially when you feel so helpless. But there is still a level of stress that will never go away. I am ok, butI don’t think it will until we get past where we were in the past pregnancy…I see a heartbeat and we get a good clean bill of health. So I will continue to research, blog and ask questions. I want the best and I want every possible opportunity to make this happen.
Something new that keeps popping up: ICSI May be in our future.
Immediate future if not pregnant: HSG, Hysteroscopy. Yuck.
Anyway, so now we wait. The majority of the bloodwork should be finished at the same time we find out if we are pregnant or not. The doctor said that if he sees something that looks concerning that he will call and set me up on what I need immediately. He also indicated to me that this waiting period shouldn’t be an issue if we are in fact pregnant.

So 15 vials of blood later…(be proud of me! I did awesome and I was even able to look at the needle in my arm and everything!)…these are the tests they are running.

PAI Polymorphism
Anti-phosphatidyl serine antibodies
RA latex
B2 Glycoprotein Ab
Anticardiolipin (IgG, IgM, IgA)
Antithrombin III
CBC with auto diff/plt
Factor (8 Activity)
Lupus Anticoagulant
Reptilase Time
Prothrombin Gene Mutation
Protein C Ag
Protein C Functional
Protein S Ag
Protein S Functional
Thrombin Time
Sed Rate
Factor V Leiden

I have no idea what nearly all of them are, but as long as I am covered, I could care less. lol It was nice to hear that the doctor and his wife had a similiar situation and have a baby. I feel like I have one more person to add to my team.
In other news, I still have the dull pains in my ovaries and now I am having some leg and lower back pain on my left-side. Nothing too bad…I can generally ignore it. Also, my spotting has turned light brown and clear. Sorry if that’s TMI. But it is strange that it seems to be going away after I passed that tissue (which is too soon to have been fetal tissue at only 4dpiui) but it’s still weird. :-/ I feel “wet” like I am going to have cm but then nothing so who knows. I’m good at making myself feel symptoms. Lord give me patience and give it to me now! Lol no seriously, though, prayers are so welcome. We need all we can get!
That’s my update! I’ve had a super long day of bloodwork and doctors and cleaning and my hubby is waiting on the couch with some Dexter. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


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