Anxiety Girl!

I have an appointment with a hematologist FINALLY this morning. It took a month to get in to see this guy. That’s a long time…so he better be really good. lol I know this will require a ton of bloodwork, which is making me anxious even now as I write this. 😦
Anyway, he will run a whole gammet of tests to make sure we didn’t miss anything, so that is exciting. We can rule some things out. Maybe even find out why I am still bleeding 4dpiui!
Speaking of that situation…TMI ALERT…this morning when I went to the restroom I passed what I thought was a clot but it was different. It was thick, not mushy like a regular clot would be. And it was rusty/brownish in color. My doctor said not to worry its probably nothing. Maybe it’s a very old clot or it could be tissue if the doctor scraped my uterus or cervix.
I dunno what it was but it freaked me out. It’s so difficult to trust everything your doctor says, but I am truly helpless in this situation, so I *have* to trust.
My doctor did say that he has another patient who bled from the the time they did the IUI until now. She is 13 weeks pregnant now and still hasn’t stopped bleeding, but everything checks out fine and they baby is fine. I’m not going to lie, that got me a bit excited. What if I am like her? …or what if this is just like what happened in November? 😦 So many “what-if’s” and no answers.
I will let everyone know what the hematologist says when I return. I guess now I need to go finish getting ready.
I’m wearing my Anxiety Girl t-shirt today. Very fitting indeed. 🙂


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