I’m starting to sink back into my old schedule from last summer. Stay up late, sleep until 10am. I hate it. Last night I sat in bed trying to think of things I could do today. Couldn’t come up with one thing. I have no motivation and no projects to work on, so I am driving myself nuts. I just got off the phone with Mom, who encouraged me to get rid of all the furniture in the room we planned to turn into a nursery and paint it. I told her I didn’t want to do that to myself, but she feels like we will have a baby no matter what, so why wait? Plus, I won’t be able to paint while pregnant, and no offense to Barry but I shouldn’t trust him to take care of it. 😦
I definitely don’t want to paint the “nursery”. I would like to paint around the house but the more I look at it the more I convince myself its not so bad and that painting will be a big job that I don’t really want to do.
But thinking abour preparing a room for a baby that we can’t even get pregnant with just stresses me out and upsets me more.

Yesterday was a bit more productive…I had errands to run and money to spend. hehe I made a few flower arrangements for around the house and got some blinds for the entryway. It’s weird seeing the blinds there because we have never had anything to cover that window before. Last night I even leaned into the window to see if the porch light was on only to realize I don’t have x-ray vision. Go figure.

But now today. Today it was supposed to rain, but no such luck as of right now. My yard desperately needs a good soaking.
And if it rained, my plan was to stay inside and read books and relax. But I don’t know how much “relaxing” I am capable of. I need something to DO.
I love my new TTC forum, but the women on it don’t post as often as I can. lol So while it is current, it has a long wait time for responses. Since I am already 2dpiui, I am not really in a window of symptoms or signs that this worked or didn’t work. Which makes me feel like it didn’t work. I’m still having some light spotting but nothing like Sunday. Anyway, it feels weird yet I feel the same, as if nothing had happened and in 14 days AF will be here and we will have to start all over. I guess thinking like this keeps me from obessing over every little thing and getting my hopes up that it did work.
Well…nothing new to report. I need something to do. Someone come save me from myself because this house is too clean and I am too bored!!! lol


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