IUI #1

Today we had our first IUI. I’m trying really hard not to think about timing and just trust that the doctor made the right timing call, planned everything the way it is supposed to go and did everything possible to make sure we had our best chance possible.
It wasn’t that bad. We went to the first office to give the sample. That didn’t take long, it was waiting for the wash to be completed that took the most time. So we went and had breakfast and tea. Then we returned to get the sample. I had to hold the vial all the way there, making sure it was upright the whole time. I felt like I was carrying some precious vessel of some sort. lol
Then we got to my RE’s office and handed over the sample. The doctor had me lie on the table and then she did her thing. He was a bit paintful…a lot of cramping initially like I was about to start my period or something. Then just plain discomfort. When she was finished, I had to lay on the table for 15-20 minutes and just wait. While we waited, she looked over the SA and said, “post wash, these numbers are perfect!” So that was awesome. Then we went home! I still feel a little crampy but its different. It feels a bit like ovulation cramps, but not. I don’t know how else to explain it.
Anyway…I feel really hopeful…I do! I want this to work so badly. I’m just nervous about the timing…wondering if since I got a positive LH surge yesterday, if we were too late today. If only there were a way to pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation. :-/
Oh well. Now we are officially in the 2ww! I will keep everyone posted.
Thank you for all the prayers and kind words. It really means a lot and helps me to get through all of this!


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