Well, I was starting to really get excited and I was gearing up for my trigger shot tonight, but I just went to the bathroom and had some light spotting. Nothing terrible, light pink doesn’t fill a pad, but I couldn’t help but just want to cry. I thought we had finally gotten things worked out with my body and figured everything else out and now mid-cycle spotting? I haven’t had any spotting for the first time since I started with my new doctor. It was awesome! But now it’s back again and I haven’t changed anythign. I called my RE and she thinks I should go ahead with the IUI anyhow. The spotting could be hormonal, it could be a reaction to the Clomid, it could be anything really. She doesn’t think it’s ovulation. If this cycle doesn’t work, she wants me to have a hysteroscopy and of course more bloodwork throughout the cycle.
I’m not sure what I should do…the IUI is so expensive and I don’t want to do it if my body isn’t going to even allow for conception to happen. On the other hand, I don’t want to waste the 2 eggs or miss out on a chance. It just feels like it’s something every month. I’m not sure what to do right now. I read a few things online that a few women had spotting while on Clomid…all were about 3-4 years old with no follow up on how it went. I’m feeling some high anxiety now…I just want something to work out and for a breif few days it felt like it was going to. 😦


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