Getting Close!

I had my doctor’s visit today and surprise! Two nice sized eggs, one on either side. So I didn’t ovulate and I worried for nothing as usual. 😛
The visit to his office was super looooong…I’ve never waited that long before, but we got things moving quick once he saw us.
My husband is giving me the trigger shot on Friday night between 10-11pm, and then we go in on Sunday morning at 9am for the IUI. This procedure isn’t covered by my insurance and it’s a bit pricey so we are only doing one a month. I’ve talked to a few friends who had 2 done within a day ot 2 of each other, but we just can’t do it. So we get one chance!
I will let everyone know how it goes 🙂
I’m feeling hopeful, but even if it doesn’t work this time around, we don’t have much further until we can decide if IVF is the next move, so that’s good. Prayers please!!


6 Replies to “Getting Close!”

  1. aaaahhh!!! i just watched the video and freaked out a little! i dont think that i could give myself a shot….eeek

      1. ROTFL I’ve avoided making a Twitter because that’s one more thing to keep up with. But I’m glad WordPress is all cool and allows you to log in using Twitter. 🙂 You will just have to tell me about your drunkness.

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