CD 11

Last night I had some minor ovary cramping but it wasn’t like normal ovulation. It was late in the evening and there wasn’t anything I could do about it anyhow, so I just went to bed worried. lol Today it continues but to a lesser degree and completely random. OPK said BFN, but I could have missed it since I didn’t test last night. If this were a Clomid cycle with no IUI we would start BD every other day starting tomorrow…and I *normally* ovulate between CD 17-20…so I am really hoping it’s nothing. Just cramping from overstimulated ovaries.
The thought of another month going by while I literally did nothing to even TTC is unbearable. This was the first cycle I haven’t felt pressure to BD and the first one in months where we actually BDed because we wanted to(That’s a concept, huh?)…but that was on Sunday. 😦
Next cycle we are leaving nothing to chance! BD ASAP! lol <—already thinking of next cycle. That's sad!

Anyway, I was really beginning to be more hopeful since we get to move forward and try an IUI. I don't know how I will feel if we missed it. I feel anxious and I'm ready for tomorrow to get here!
I have 2 friends who are basically within 1 or 2 days of me on this cycle, so we are kind of doing this together. Not to mention all the ladies on (on a side note: that site is amazing! It's the only current forum I have found…active and alive unlike the several years old ones I find with no follow up to questions or the end result!)
That said, one of my friends said she had the same ovulation cramping feeling but not BFP OPK either, so that made me feel better. HOPE HOPE HOPE! 🙂
I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow! Off to distract myself with more cleaning 🙂


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