Summer–We have a plan!!

We have been in Gulf Shores since Saturday morning and so far I’ve had a great time. I spent more time out in the water this year than I have in years past. It’s not that the water has been nicer, in fact, I think it is about on-par with Galveston. Maybe a bit more clear, but just as much seaweed and junk. I got a slight sunburn by day 2, which stinks but it doesn’t really hurt so that is nice. Today I am staying in because I don’t want to get more burned and we have Ashley’s baby shower. Good excuse to let my skin heal. It was nice to spend time with family and a beautiful beach! 🙂
Friday was crazy, though!! I left work early because I was feeling anxious about our doctor’s visit and about getting everything done before we had to leave. The yard still never got mowed and I feel really terrible because it looks so bad. Oh well!
We crammed everything into the car and ran off to Houston. Then we came *back* to The Woodlands, ran some errand and finally set off for out trip…only for Barry to hit a curb and blow our tire. lol That was the only thing that held us back, though.

So we wound up being late to our appointment because of Houston traffic and Barry picking me up with little time to spare. Dr. C was good with it though, and sat us down to discuss our tests. He explained that everything still looked good with me and then went into everything that we would need to do in order to work with poor sperm morphology. With male-factor infertility we will most likley be unable to conceive naturally, which is why we haven’t had much luck so far. So now we are moving on to more aggressive methods…this month we will try an IUI, which is essentially artificial insemination. I will explain it more in a minute.
He initially wanted me to come in between CD 1-5 and have blood work to check hormone levels, but I was concerned about our vacation interferring with that (didn’t know when AF would show up). So his next suggestion was to scrap this month and wait until next month. No. lol I just outright said no. So now we are on a *new* plan! lol
Basically, AF showed up on Sunday, so the timing wound up perfect. I will go in for blood work and an ultrasound on Thursday, the day we return from our trip. That will also be the day I start Clomid. He is putting me in the highest dosage of Clomid to induce ovulation at a specific time. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be a canditate for Clomid, but this is a controlled setting. He needs to control how many eggs my body releases and control when they are released. We want my body to produce more eggs because it will increase our chances and an IUI requires that I am ovulating.
The way an IUI works is like this: After intense monitoring, Barry and I will come into his office. Dr. Cook with inject me with a medicine that will force my body to release all the new mature eggs. Next, he will collect a sample from Barry that will be washed (the sample sperm will be “washed” of undesierable sperms so that a higher concentration of health sperm are present). Then he will take those sperm and use a cathader to insert them into my uterus. That’s it! Not very romantic, but it will hopefully do the job. I will come back in 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test and then we will go from there.
An IUI does increase my chances of multiples, which I am not concerned about. I figure, if we get 2 with our first pregnancy, then we don’t need to go through all this again. I’m also feeling a bit relieved. There won’t be anymore pressure to preform sexually for either of us. It’s literally ruined our sex life, so while this is not the ideal baby-making situation, we will at least get our intimacy back. 🙂
IUI’s have the same % chances as a normal health couple TTC, so it’s nice to finally be on an even playing field. And I’ve been following blogs and forums with encouraging IUI stories and results. So we will see. I will keep everyone updated. (Crazy how quickly we went from stopping our attempts at TTC to getting the right doctor to move forward and try again!!)
I did find out that I had to stop taking my Vitex. Which I am ok with. I was willing to try anything to get pregnant, so if herbal vitamins are not good, I won’t take it! lol There are mixed reviews on that kind of stuff anyhow. But we want to do this right, so 1 month of it and done!
So I guess that is my update for right now! Relaxing at the beach has helped the days fly by and to ease my mine about all of this. I’m just more relaxed and ready to move forward. Lucky for me AF picked a good time to come…Thursday, you hold much promise 🙂


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