June 3, 2011: Male-Factor Infertility

Today is the day we leave for Gulf Shores AL. I’m excited to put my first year of teaching behind me and looking forward to a brand new year! 🙂
Yesterday I got the call from Dr. Scott’s office. My uterus looked good. He complimented my lining…lol never thought I’d care about such a thing before. Anyway, he said that I still have that cyst on my left ovary from the first pregnancy, but that they didn’t see anything else unusual. If I do have a polyp, my lining was so thick it would be difficult to tell. I guess that is really good news, but it doesn’t really explain my spotting. Hopefully getting back on my thyroid meds will fix that.

They also got the semen anyalsis back. Barry’s sperm count was good, but his motility was not (something about his number being a 1.5, when they like it to be a 6.5 or higher). Meaning, his men don’t swim with much vigor or in the right direction. I started to look up treatment for it, but there doesn’t seem to be much. Vitamins and supplements, really. He started taking Fertiliaide for Men this cycle and that has everything the internets say he should take to improve his spermies.
Then I started researching methods of conception with this issue and it didn’t look good. Nearly everything pointed to some kind of assisted pregnancy, or artificial insemination. IUI, ICSI, IVF…the list went on. Some were more horrifying procedures than others, requiring painful surgery for me and it really boiles down to how much do we want this?

Initially, I thought the problem was always me. We were going about this as if I had the issue. Somehow I got it in my head that femal infertility was more difficult to “beat”. I was relieved to hear that it wasn’t me (so far), and something like sperm motility seemed like an easy fix. But after reading what I saw last night, I feel even more hopeless. It doesn’t seem like male-factor infertility is any easier to deal with. Barry was crushed. He felt quilty and really sad. He starred at the ground for a long time before blurting out, “So the reason we haven’t gotten pregnant is because of my piece of crap sperm?”….I just cried. I couldn’t help but think: Our one shot at pregnancy, our miracle in November, was destroyed by my MTHFR. What if all the drugs he did in the military did this to him? What a sad combination! How could God bring two people together who love each other so much and both of them be so fertility-challeneged?

The good news in all of this is that we have a consult scheduled for this afternoon to discuss everything. I feel like if anyone can help us, it’s Dr. Cook. I just hope he has good news.
Also, I started spotting today…possibly going to start my period the day we are in Gulf Shores…on a weekend! seriously… And possibly only had 10 days in my luteal phase. 😦 No bueno.
Hoping for good news from the doctor today. I will keep you updated! For now, images of the beach will get me through this day…


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