June 2, 2011

I got a call from the doctor yesterday letting me know that everything checked out so far. 🙂 I *did* ovulate, which is really good. Even though I have been tracking it using the LH surge, it’s not a sure thing. The LH hormone is always present and rises and falls throughout your cycle. If you detect a rise in LH, it does not mean that you ovulated, it could just be a spike, but your body failed to ovulate, or may try again later.
Also, you can have a period and not ovulate. lol complicated, right?
So with the bloodwork, they also found that my progesterone looked good and my thyroid *is* level. I guess even though my dose is small, it’s making a difference for me. I need to stay on that. 😉

I had my ultrasound yesterday, which wasn’t the most fun. I swear that wand is huge! Anyway, the technician just takes the pictures, she doesn’t diagnose anything. She said normally within 24 hours my doctor will have the information, so I’m hoping either today or tomorrow.
The good news about a polyp is that it might not even be a problem…just annoying. And nearly 50% of women have them and don’t even know. So there you have it.
Still waiting on Barry’s results as well.

So now I am just watching the second half of my cycle to make sure it is long enough. 12-14 days is the goal!
I’m a bit worried because we are supposed to go on vacation starting tomorrow, which puts me out of touch with my doctor’s office. Between days 1-5, I have to go back in for more blood work…I’m hoping AF actually shows around the time she normally does so everything works out. My average cycle if 32 days, plus or minus a few days. My tracker is set for a 30 day cycle, and to reach that goal, I still need at the most 6 more days and at the least 3. eeek!! I hope it doesn’t come while we are in Gulf Shores. 😦 I’m feeling a bit crampy and my tummy is queasy today. Go away AF!
Sorry for all the blogs about this, but I just feel so much more excited that we found someone to help us. Seriously!!

Tonight I have some photos to take, a dinner to prepare for my MIL and packing/cleaning to do. Oh joy. 😦 Busy busy…but it will all be worth it tomorrow when we are on the beach!!!
Ok, hope everyone is having a great week…TGIF is nearly here and we are gearing up for all the exciting thins summer will bring. 🙂


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