May 31, 2011

Today I feel like we finally took charge of our fertility!! We went to see a very highly recommended RE in Houston that is famous for helping couples like Barry and I. What I really want is to just get everything back to square one…we aren’t officially TTC until we get the “ok” from doctors and everything is “right”.

Dr. Paul Cook came into a huge meeting room and consulted with us about our situation. I was so ready for all his questions and had all my bases covered so well, he asked me if I wanted a job there. 😉
We are basically starting with this diagnosis: I’m infertile. Based on: We got off bc in March of 2010, used condoms every time except once and the one time we got pregnant. Now, after 6 months or so of TTC, nothing.) He is going to run every gammet of tests on Barry and I, as well as request a second opinion on my MTHFR and make sure we didn’t miss anything else. After discussing everything, he gave me a checklist for our next steps. Perfect for me, since I need that visual goal and we went to the exam room for a pelvic exam.
He immediately asked if I had ever been told that I had a polyp. Nope. And I *just* had my well woman 2 weeks ago. Everything checked out normal.
This could be the reason I’ve been spotting.
Dr. Cook was concerned about my thyroid meds…it’s such a low dose that he laughed and said, “It’s practically a placebo”. I can’t help that when I started spotting is when I got off the meds…but it may not mean anything. All I know is I spot for the first 2 weeks after AF until I ovulate and then it goes away. I need to call him to let him know that because I think that is the one thing I neglected to mention. The possibilitie of a polyp is upsetting, but it doesn’t seem to be a terribly negative thing right now. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to have a look and we will go from there.
I will likely know something about that tomorrow, but we have to wait on my blood work and Barry’s results as well.
He was so awesome…helpful, knowledgable and supportive! I feel so blessed to have found someone who was willing to listen and take steps towards action. We needed him a long time ago.
In the mean-time, we are not focusing on TTC. I want to figure everything out first and see what Dr. Cook thinks he can do to help us before I get too excited.
So I’ve been working on this new blog. I gathered up all the awesome websites that have been helpful to me on my journey in hopes of sharing with others.
Right now, it’s late and I’ve spent waaaay too much time on this. lol
Good Night! 🙂


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