May 19, 2011

I’m feeling better today. Welcome to the ride.
Doesn’t help that I didn’t have any kind of schedule yesterday. I functon best on one and I just meandered through my day feeling angry that I was spotting again and still struggling with my decision.
Not to mention tried on bathing suits under those awful dressing room lights and felt bad about myself. YUCK! Today, though, I had delicious carrot cake cake balls, wore my new fun maxi dress and drank up my Fertilitea. So I feel better.
I put away the adoption papers too. Barry’s not ready and I don’t want the reminder. So instead we are just floating. I was happy with just Barry before and I can be happy again.
Speaking of no schedule, I will probably literally go crazy over summer if I don’t find something for me to do. Painting project here I come! 
I guess that’s it for now…waiting for a call back from the doctor’s office about my thyroid meds. Spotting has gone away again. 😛 So glad to at least not worry about if THAT is the problem…among many I’m sure! lol


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