May 6, 2011

some of the names I like are on this list. Poo!! —->

So my friend from work found out that she lost her pregnancy. 😦 I feel so bad…this is a bad week for the TTC women in my life. I wrote her a prayer this morning and we hugged and cried together. I know she wants this and has done everything right…so what gives?
The same with my friend from church. It just stinks.
But I am glad that we have each other. I couldn’t do this without them. And there is a reason why I am feeling stronger, so I can be stronger for them. I met with Julie last night and we just laughed and talked. It was so fun. 🙂 We need to do that more often.

Today I feel yuck. I’ve had tummy issues for 3 days now. 😦 No BFP either, so I don’t know what gives! I guess it’s better than constipation. lol
I’ve been sneezing a lot and having weird symptoms (probably hormone flux) but I’m charting…so we will see. Today is 10DPO, so I’m not testing again until after I know for sure I have missed AF. Today I’m supposed to get AF, but last month I was 5 days “late” (yay for my crazy cycle). My average cycle length is 32 days, so if I don’t get anything next week then I will test again. I’m POAS crazy!! hehe

Our sprinkler system doesn’t seem to be working, so our yard is so unhappy right now. Barry is going to mess with it tonight and we are brewing beer tonight too. So it will be a busy late evening.
Tomorrow I am doing a shoot for a friend. Some engagement pictures. I am excited to be behind the camera again. Hopefully this weekend I can work on my mom’s website for her a bit. She is starting to pick at it…things she is suddenly not happy with that she loved before. I knew it was coming, but not this soon. If I fix a few things, I am sure she will back off. I need to find someone to model the shoes so we can get new pictures up on the site. Maybe Paige can do it. She is cute 🙂
Nothing else exciting. lol

Summer is only 17 school days away!! 🙂 I can taste it!


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