May 3, 2011

I’m so sad today! One of my dear friends started IVF this past month after 2 years of trying naturally and with clomid. They were able to fertilize 8 of the 10 eggs and impanted 2. Today she found out that neither pregnancy took. 😦 I’m so sad for her because I know how much she wants this and how difficult it has been on her and her husband.

Another of my friends just found out she was pregnant last week after 16 months of trying and 2 cycles of clomid. She went in 2 days later to make sure her levels were doubling and found out yesterday that they did not. She is incredibly worried because chemical pregnancies are so common when using clomid. I am hoping her situation changes soon. They did more blood work yesterday, so hopefully she will know something by tomorrow about her levels. Praying!!

So all that sad baby news made me sad!! Even more sad? I took my first EPT this morning (not sure what I was expecting at 7DPO) and it was a BFN. But that’s ok. I’m going to keep testing. Implantation takes place between 7 and 10DPO in general. So I tested the earliest I can test.
Sarah said she had a dream I was pregnant this month. lol for my sake I hope her dreams are right! 😉 I’m ok with whatever the outcome at this point.
Other than that, this week is teacher appreciation week, so tell a teacher how much you appreciate all they do!! 🙂


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