So I found this amazing website with tons of answers to TTC questions.
Very helpful 🙂 I’m still waiting on a call back from a nurse at the office, but I was able to make an appointment, so that is good. I don’t know if Dr. Scott will actually want to see me though, or not. Everyone up there, and on the internets, seems to think my spotting isn’t that big of a deal. But if it’s a thyroid or progesterone problem, it will prevent me from having a successful pregnancy.

So yesterday I had some light ovulation crmaping on my left side, and got what I thought was a positive OPK. (Line color was similiar to test line on Saturday and Sunday) but then this morning I got a big fat dark positive OPK. so yay!! We officially have ovulation. With continued spotting.
The big positive combined with the 2 maybes could mean anything really. I could have caught my LH surge on the rise or read the stick wrong on Sat/Sun. I also might have caught the surge sooner if I tested at night instead of in the morning. I think next month I will do the OPK in the evening and see if I get better results.

It would have been better if we would have BDed yesterday, but we went home grumpy and I went to bed in a poor mood. My fault. I did tell Barry I was going to bed and I waited for him, but he was upset at me for being pissy. lol so that didn’t work. So if we missed it, we missed it. Internets give varying info, but basically it boils down to a HUGE number of women report getting pregnant from BD the 4-5 days before ovulation and 2-3 after. We’ve got the majority of that covered pretty darn well, except for last night. 😦 Add the spotting to that and my hopes of pregnancy this month are not as elevated as they have been in the past. This morning was a hilarious rush, though. 😉

So if I found my LH surge at the right time, I should be ovulating today or tomorrow, which makes Wednesday 1DPO. How many days with my DPO last? Who knows?! So the counting begins with more waiting.
Still waiting, Lord 🙂


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