April 19, 2001

I spoke with the nurse at my OB and she said not to worry about it. Basically, unless I start a period or have cramping with it, I should be fine. I still expressed my concern because this isn’t something that is normal for me at all. She said that it is perfectly normal for some people and that even if it isn’t normal…it’s normal. lol

I feel anxious, and irritated all the time right now. Yuck, huh? I’m to the point right now where I don’t want to do anything but come home and sleep. I’m tired a lot and just grumpy. Poor Barry was trying to cuddle with me and I wouldn’t have any of it. Just wanted to be left alone. 😦

Easter is this weekend…only 6 more weeks of school after this week. Crazy!! 
Blah. I’m not even interested in this post anymore! What gives?! Nap time when I get home from work today. That is the answer for sure.

Goals for this month: 
-Finish reading Mere Christianity
-Buy last shelving Unit for wall
-OVEN! 🙂 
-Start looking at carpet (ours is nasty…)
-Pick a new wall color for the house…it’s time for that too
-Plant some summer annuals


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