April 14, 2011

My appointment on Tuesday went really well. I’m feeling so lucky to have a new doctor who will talk to me about everything. She basically said that unfortunately since we got pregnant before, we are considered fertile for 6 months to a year while TTC. That being said, she was concerned about the irregularity of my cycles. She said that if we are not pregnant in the next 2 -3 months (that would put 6 months of TTC under our belts) then we would look into Clomid. She took me off my thyroid meds in hopes that it would even out my cycle more and suggested I get back to tracking my ovulation. I found a new ovulation tracker that is ideal for my strange cycles. It has 20 testing strips to be used in one cycle, instead of the normal 7. So I have that and I found Pre~Seed at CVS yesterday. So yay! 
She didn’t think that there was a reason to have either one of us checked out at this point, so Barry was happy about that. So I guess the answer was just WAIT. MORE.
Barry called about my metfolin and I have Dr. Scott working on a pre-approval letter for it. We are crossing our fingers that it will be covered next month instead of having to pay full price. Apparently under the new health care bill vitamins like folic acid are being coded as dietary supplements, which are not covered under insurance. I think it’s a bit silly, but our rep at Barry’s office said since mine is an unusually high dosage and it is atually being used to treat a medical need, I might be able to get around the new law. Apparently the folic acid I used to be taking would have been affected in the same way as my new meds, so oh well.

Guys, seriously, things are getting so expensive!! I can’t seem to increase our grocery or gas budgets enough to cover everything. It gets more and more expensive every month. 😦 Not digging this.
I need to do our budget tonight but tonight is Specials Night at school, so I will be here late. Yay for anxiety. 
I feel very accomplished this week. I have gotten everything done on my list that needed to be done. In 2 more weeks I will be completing my final art show for the year and starting to close up shop here.

Also, I have another sore throat. I have been getting some kind of sinus congestion thing for weeks now. It seems to flare up every time we gear up to start TTC. :-/ lame
I’m sucking on orange starbursts and sucking down tylenol.

Goals for this month: 
-Finish reading Mere Christianity
-Buy last shelving Unit for wall
-OVEN! 🙂 
-Start looking at carpet (ours is nasty…)
-Pick a new wall color for the house…it’s time for that too
-Plant some summer annuals

35 more days until school is out. Can you believe it?!?


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