April 8, 2011

In keeping with my promise, I am going to only update on here. For realz…
I have officially broken up with Dr. Francis. I called yesterday to find out if there was any way to get an appointment to talk about our options and find out if we had anything wrong with either of us. I was told that they could do blood work, but that Dr. Francis wouldn’t see me until I have been actively trying to get pregnant and failing for a year. So I hung up and called Dr. Scott’s office and asked the same question: "My husband and I had a m/c in November, and have been trying for 3 months with no success. Is there a way we can come in to make sure there is nothing wrong with either of us and discuss our options?" I got in response: "I just spoke with Dr. Scott and I think you need to come in. She wants to talk to you about your thyroid and we can talk about your options then, like Clomid." THANK YOU! That is all I wanted this whole time!! 
I want to know if we are up against anything else, besides the odds, which are unbelievable enough as it is! I know when I had my DNC they did an internal exam (even took measurements), so besides the cyst I had I don’t have any reason to believe I have a physical issue preventing me from getting pregnant. Unless the cyst is causing a problem, but my follow up exam didn’t lead me to believe that.
So then there is Barry. I am hoping to get him checked out just to make sure. I also want to find out if having a desk job effects his swimmers in a negative way. I told Barry last night he may have to get checked out and he was ok with that, so that is good. I got lucky, Barry has always been very secure in his manhood, so he isn’t worried one bit. I also told him we would be pumping him full of vitamins and we would both be doing Robitussin shots. haha
I’m anxious to see what Dr. Scott says about my thyroid. I’ve been saying this whole time I didn’t feel like I need to be on that medication, so maybe she feels the same way? Mom and Tiffany think it is stress that is causing my irregular cycles. (# of cycle days: December- 35, Jan- 31, Feb- 30, March- 34) I honestly feel just fine. This is the best I have felt after all these months and still getting the same result. Try looking in the Clomid or Infertility Forums and then talk to me about stressed. Those women have their own language!! I’m not there yet. And I feel like, until you walk in my shoes, you will never understand. So it just is what it is. I’m ok, and I don’t care what anyone else says.
I am hopeful to get Clomid as an option. It would regulate my cycles and I would know exactly when I was ovulating to increase my chances. So that’s good. (Although Barry and I will not be trying every day…lol Literally. Like woah.)

So that’s the update. I am happy to finally have someone who will at least talk with me and explore my options with me. So bye-bye to Dr. Francis!!!

In other news, I am busy again this weekend. Montgomery County Fair, Woodlands Art Festival, 2 photo shoots and dinner with a friend. 🙂 That is sure to keep my mind off everything 😛
Hope everyone has a good weekend!
I surprisingly have nothing planned for tonight, so I think Barry and I will go on a walk and watch a movie. My kind of Friday!!! 


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