March 20, 2011

Well the sun is setting on spring break…good thing there are only 74 more days until summer break! hehe but who is counting, right? 🙂
Barry and I had dinner outside on the deck and are now enjoying wine and cupcakes. Good combo!

The week went by super fast and I am not looking forward to summer doing the same! I am however a bit excited to get back to work. I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about the kids and what we will be working on since I left. I guess I really do love my job.

Currently no new updates. Barry planned my birthday dinner yesterday. Small gathering of family at my house on Wednesday night. I think I will be trying to do something with friends sometime next week though. Maybe just a game night or time to hang out on the deck and visit? I dunno…Or maybe nothing. On Friday we are going to the Ovo show.

This is an attempt to not think about babies. Not a good one. But one none-the-less. For a week we have been pretty focused on the goal of making one. I didn’t test for ovulation and now I am kind of wishing I had. Last month I could tell I was ovulating but this month I had no idea…which makes me hesitant to stop the baby making until I am for sure. (Internets say to that while during your fertile week you should get busy, it is good to basically just do it all the time no matter what) Poor Barry…haha he is getting tired. Oh well! 🙂
I’m starting to get those strange feelings I was getting last month and I loathe them. I don’t want to get caught up in feeling things or trying to figure out if I am pregnant. It didn’t work so well the last time and I’m not interested in getting that excited for no reason again.
So I will eat my cupcake and ignore! IGNORE!! lol



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