March 14, 2011

I spoke with my friend Michelle this afternoon to get a doctor rec. The one my sister told me about doesn’t take Atena anymore, so I went straight to Michelle because I remember how much she bragged about her doc (even being able to text her for problems! and she is a high risk pregnancy doc, so even better) I spoke to a nurse at around 3:30 and she was able to fit me in this week! I was surprised because it’s spring break, but they made room for me. In addition to that, I spoke with a nurse at my office, who gave me the actual facts of my situation from my file. Finally!! I am mthfr heterozygous A1298C— which is the best kind to have if you are going to have a mutated gene! That’s the great news! Now, I want to find out what my risk is to blood clots and future miscarriage. Everything I am reading says I should be taking baby asprin and possibly something else for blood clots. I am already taking the folic acid, all the B vitamins lol, and prenatal. So I feel good about everything…even confident in the fact that I am taking the steps needed to prevent another m/c due to mthfr.
In other news, tomorrow begins my fertile week but we got a jump start 😉 Easy to do on a rain, lazy day when your husband is home in the middle of the day. hehe

We didn’t get moving until around noon, went to the mall and just walked around. Barry found a book he wanted, I bought a candle and then a new dress for an outdoor wedding we are attending on Friday. Tomorrow I am checking my home owner’s renewal policy, and planting a few more plants/adding latice work to cover the ac unit and eletrical box.
While driving around I saw some amazing places for Amber’s photo shoot and some great blue bonnet spots for Barry and I. YAY spring!! :3
The rest of the week got planned as the day went on…lol Barry made sure of it! I was surprised, actually, but he wanted to get out there and go. And go we shall! 
Now I am off to plan my lessons for when we start back to school and watch Pregnant in America
Good night world!! 


4 Replies to “March 14, 2011”

  1. You don’t want to know how long it took me to figure out “mthfr” wasn’t you abbreviating “motherfucker”. ;D
    And I’m glad you are looking into seeing a high risk pregnancy doc.

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