Bloodwork came back negative

I’m ok with this…but it does make me feel a bit crazy. I FELT stuff going on with my body. It was the most strange thing! Even more frustrating is that we can make a baby on accident but not one on purpose.
I was really hoping for a November baby but December is good too. lol I guess. Any baby is good, really.

Just stinks 😦 
Off to buy more ovulation tests and have even more sex before. lol
Everything I have read says to have sex the day before ovulation, the day of, and then the next 2 days just in case. We didn’t do it the day before because I didn’t know. Hopefully I will have a better indication this month and slip one past the goalie.

I kind of feel like crying right now because I feel like I failed and got super excited about something that I knew in my heart wasn’t going to happen. But I am kind of excited at the chance to try again. And drink some more wine before then 😉 Kind of stinks…but I think I said that already


One Reply to “Bloodwork came back negative”

  1. ::hugs::
    I never understood why it’s seems to be so much easier for someone to get pregnant when they aren’t trying rather than it be easier for someone who is actively trying!
    At least you won’t be REALLY pregnant during the summer. 😛 You can always call me if you need to talk!
    Love ya, girlie ❤

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