Feb 15, 2011

I’m still so sick… 😦 I felt more like myself today than I have in 4 days, but still…
My throat is starting to hurt again from all the coughing and drainage. My nose is so full and swollen from goo.

Right now, I feel like passing out. I went grocery shopping, made dinner, took care of the dogs and budgeted, since we just got paid today. Barry did get his raise, but unless they gave him a $70 raise, it was not reflected in his paycheck 😦 So that stinks…He said he got a 10% raise, so that would mean way more than $70. lol Oh well, I am sure he will get it figured out.

TMI WARNING: On Sunday BD and for 2 days afterwards I had a random and very slight cramping feeling, like when you ovulate. Then today, I had a very light pink discharge that is now gone. I have been testing for ovulation for 2 days, once Monday and once today. Monday showed the test line as light pink, but today was absolutely nothing. If I ovulated last week, or even on Sunday, and somehow managed to get pregnant, then the tests will never show ovulation.
Even if my cycle is wonky and messed up, this week would be as "in the middle" of my cycle as possible…so if I don’t so ovulation this week, I will test again next week and then after that there is nothing I can do but wait. So I guess we will see. I’d love to blame all this on implantation bleeding 🙂 But we shall see! If not, try, try again!! lol
Speaking of baby making, there are no cold meds you can take while pregnant!! Like none!! And my stupid OBGYN’s office never called me back to let me know if they could give me an antibiotic. Another night of not breathing is in store for me. 😦 This is the worst part right now. I’m fearful to take something but I need rest. I need my nose to stop hurting from the tissues and constant blowing, and I need to feel well again. *sigh* /rant I swear!!

This is what is taking up my time right now. Work is going well. Very good even. The kids are excellent and we are finally moving on to another project. I’m glad tomorrow is Wednesday, though. The week is going by fast.
In only 3 more days I get to get a new phone! W00T!!! 🙂 So that is good news.
OMG over come with extreme tirednessssss…..must get restful, NOSE-BREATHING sleep tonight.


4 Replies to “Feb 15, 2011”

  1. I use an app on my phone and it’s been good to me so far…we will see what happens this month and then I will try the other. My doc said that the 3 months after a DNC are normally your most fertile, so I could have ovulated sooner? Who knows. lol I’m still testing and still charting 🙂

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