I FINALLY had a period!! YAY!! I guess my cycle is all messed up! 😦 I haven’t heard anything back about blood work, but I doubt they will find anything wrong now. At least, I hope not at this point. I bought an ovulation kit for this month, and while I plan to use it, I think we are just going to go with the flow. The ovulation kit says that if I have a normal 28 day cycle, I need to count 12 days starting with the first day of my period and test on the 12th day. But since I don’t have anything close to normal, we are just going to have to wing it. I will probably test, but the more likely situation is just lots of sex hehe…. no more condoms, so Barry will be happy about that 😉 and we will just see what happens. Wouldn’t a baby be the best birthday present eva?!? 😀
Anyway, nothing new to report. I observed in other teachers’ classrooms all day today. It was fun but I missed my kids. I got some neat ideas, though, and some new stuff. Then we found out school was cancelled for tomorrow, so that was a good ending for the day 🙂 
Stay warm everyone!!! 


4 Replies to “Finally!!”

  1. woot!
    my cycles are so irregular that actually TTC was impossible. even while breastfeeding my cycles were all wonky and “trying” was pointless. we’ve always just gone with the flow.
    hopefully something takes place soon and you’ll be able to have a healthy happy bebe. 😀

  2. lol well I find that hard to believe, miss feritle myrtle!! You got pregnant so easy! That’s not to say that I won’t, but I just want to get pregnant as quickly as possible…sounds strange even as I type it. lol But it’s true. I want the best chance possible, so using the ovulation kit will help, I just have to guess and have lots of sex 😉

  3. Har har. 😛
    What I meant was that my cycles are so wonky that trying to track everything was/is pointless! They’re not consistent and that’d be too much to try and track. That’s why we just went with the flow! Seems a lot easier that way and way less pressure!

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