Jan 27, 2011

I promised myself I wouldn’t post again until I started my period…no period. lol It’s driving me nuts and consuming my thoughts! I’m even dreaming about pregnancy now. I have no other pregnancy symptoms except the full stomach feeling I got at the beginning of my last one and occassional nausea. Honestly, I really just think that is my mind playing tricks on me. I want to move on to this next step so badly that I am making myself feel that way. Stupid mind controlling my body. I have had some light cramps, like I am about to start. So who knows? We were completely safe this last month…and the cycle app I am using is based on the perfect cycle…while my body isn’t. I shouldn’t put so much stock in that system. I’ve only had one period since my m/c, so my cycle may not be quite normal yet. I think I will give it until Monday and if I haven’t had my period by then, I will be purchasing tests earlier than I antcipated.
The one thing I learned from this experience is to stop putting myself in situations where I may do something to unknowingly harm my baby. I have been so worried (we were careful and did not attempt to get pregnant this month), because I drank (one of those times it was a bit more than I should have had) and once I forgot to take my medicine. :\ I am sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but this early in a pregnancy of mine would really mess it up. That’s why the folic acid in my system is so important months before I am actually pregnant. All of that to say, I will be refraining from drinking and be more strict about taking my vitamins.
Ok period…hurry up.
I went out and bought an ovulation kit. That is a confusing moment! Which one is the best one? How does it work? I just had to buy one and open it to read the instructions. lol
I called the therapist I am interested in but no return call yet. I went ahead and e-mailed her today. Abby said it normally takes her a bit to get back to new clients because she is a one-man-show. So I guess I will just keep waiting.
That’s about it right now. I did realize that the next 3 weekends are booked up. haha I started the year of right…I hardly had anything on the calendar. Now it is full to the brim like normal. 🙂 I guess it will keep my mind off things.
Hope everyone is having a good week! Friday is nearly here!! 😀


2 Replies to “Jan 27, 2011”

  1. I know, right?! Still nothing….
    I broke down and took a test last night but it was negative. This happened last time too. I took it a few days into my missed period and it said negative. The next month was definitely positive, though. lol
    Anyway, like I said, no other symptoms. I am wondering if my thyroid meds have caused a hormone problem…which makes me freak out even more.
    I have an appointment to do blood work on the 9th, so I guess we will see. But I think that if I don’t get a period by Monday, I will be calling up there to see what the heck happened. I’m sure they won’t be able to tell me much…but I need to know something. *sigh*

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